Complete Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions from a Single Source


(QA-001) Right of Entry - Giddens, its customer or regulatory agencies shall be afforded the right to review and verify that subcontracted product, processes and records conforms to specified requirements. Verification by Giddens, its customer or regulatory agency does not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor does it preclude subsequent rejection by Giddens or its customer.

(QA-002) Non AS9100 Suppliers - Supplier shall provide and maintain an inspection system which will assure that all delivered products conform to Purchase Order requirements, whether manufactured or processed by the supplier or a sub-tier supplier. Supplier shall maintain controls and perform all inspections and tests required to substantiate product conformance requirements.

(QA-003) AS9100 Suppliers - The supplier will as a minimum maintain a documented quality system that meets the requirements of AS9100 and/or ISO9001. The Supplier’s Quality Assurance function shall be clearly designated within the Supplier’s Organization. Personnel having the responsibility for the quality of product shall have sufficient authority to assure that quality is not compromised. The Supplier’s Quality Assurance System shall be implemented by written procedures that adequately provide for compliance with the requirements of Giddens Purchase Order. The Supplier shall notify Giddens Industries whenever there is a significant change to their Quality Assurance System, i.e. gaining or losing any NADCAP approvals, gaining or losing any FAA or governmental operating approvals, or gaining or losing any Quality System registration or certification (ISO/AS).

(QA-004) Control of Quality Records by Giddens Suppliers - Giddens suppliers used for processing and machining or any service procured that affects product conformity must maintain on file all quality records showing conformance to Giddens purchase order requirements for a minimum of 10 years.

(QA-005) Supplier Assistance - If Purchase Order requirements are not completely clear, or where special assistance is needed, Giddens Industries will provide qualified personnel to consult with Supplier. Requests for assistance shall be made to Giddens Industries Purchasing Department. If inquiries pertain to quality aspects of products or services, Giddens Industries Quality Assurance Organization may be contacted directly.

(QA-006) Supplier Audits - Giddens Industries may conduct periodic audits of the Supplier and/or their sub-tier Supplier’s Quality system, to evaluate their ability to comply with Giddens requirements. As necessary, Giddens Customer may accompany Giddens Quality representative in such audits.

(QA-007) Government Inspections - Materials and/or components supplied under the terms of this Purchase Order may be utilized in equipment which has been or will be subject to Federal Government approval, including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Suppliers Quality system, and the Quality system of any sub-tier Supplier, is therefore subject to surveillance by authorized representatives of the US Government and/or the FAA. The Supplier shall provide all reasonable facilities and assistance to the authorized representatives upon request.

(QA-008) Nonconforming Product Produced by Supplier - The supplier must notify Giddens Industries, Inc. of nonconforming product or processes prior to delivery. All parts dispositioned by a supplier as scrap will be sorted 100% for the defect that is discrepant. Also, all parts that have been dispositioned as scrap must be identified with a discrepant part tag or other means of identification. The supplier must obtain approval from Giddens Quality / Purchasing for nonconforming part disposition.

(QA-009) Production or Process Changes - The supplier must notify Giddens of any changes in the product or process used in the manufacture of product for Giddens Industries, Inc. Giddens reserves the right for approval of the product, the parts used, the materials used and equipment used by the supplier in the fulfilling Giddens Purchase Order requirements. This includes changes of suppliers, manufacturing and / or processing facility locations or additional facilities. These changes may require Giddens approval depending upon the change.

(QA-010) Nonconformance Disposition of Supplied Discrepant Parts - If nonconforming parts or processes are found during inspection at Giddens the supplier will be contacted and will have 14 days to respond to the discrepancy by coming to Giddens to re-inspect, or Giddens may, at their discretion, return the parts to the supplier for inspection.

(QA-011) Notice of Escapement / Disclosures - Giddens suppliers shall provide a written notification of nonconformities that may have affected parts or services delivered to Giddens within 48 hours of the realization of the escapement. The Giddens purchasing agent will be notified and the discrepancy documentation must include a clear and concise description of the discrepancy which includes as a minimum; part number, purchase order number, quantity and the date the parts were delivered to Giddens. Also, immediate corrective action / containment as well as the root cause and corrective action must accompany the discrepancy documentation submitted to Giddens.

(QA-012) Quality System Documentation - The supplier shall assure that the latest revisions status of applicable drawings, specifications, technical requirements, as specified on Giddens Industries Purchase Order, are available at the Supplier’s facility.

(QA-013) Subcontracting without Written Approval - Subcontracting all or substantially all of the order without written consent of Giddens Quality or Purchasing is prohibited.

(QA-014) Subcontractor Flow Down - If any portion of the order is subcontracted, it is the responsibility of the supplier to flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements, including customer requirements.

(QA-015) Boeing Supplier Control Program - This procurement is under Boeings Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Production Certificate 700 quality system supplier control program. The seller will place the flowing statement on all shipping documents “Seller hereby acknowledges that the parts and / or materials being shipped under this order are intended for use under Boeings Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Productions Certificate 700. Boeing requires that the provisions / requirements set forth be included in Sellers direct supply contracts as well as the obligation that they flowed to the applicable sub-tier supply chain. (Reference Boeing Purchase Order note Q31).

Outside Vendor – Machining

(QA-016) Certifications - Suppliers must submit with each shipment a certificate of conformance stating that all manufacturing and inspections complies with the applicable engineering and purchase order requirements. Material and processing certifications must be supplied to Giddens if parts were purchased by Giddens complete.

(QA-017) First Article - AS9102 first article inspection is required. First article shall consist of 100% verification and documentation showing compliance to the Giddens drawing, including dimensional and functional data of each item manufactured and supplied to Giddens. Copies of AS9102 forms are available from Giddens upon request.

(QA-018) Statistical Process Control - Statistical process control may be required and shall be implemented as defined by the Giddens Purchase Order. The supplier shall contact the process improvement coordinator prior to manufacturing to arrange a meeting to define the required key or special characteristics affected.

(QA-019) In-Process Inspection - In process inspection may be required by Giddens. When this is required, the specific inspection point in the process will be specified on the purchase order. The supplier will contact Giddens and hold the material for in-process inspection by Giddens Quality. All datasets provided for the purposes of bidding, and marked “Preliminary,” shall be discarded upon bid completion.

(QA-020) Protection of Parts against Contamination or Damage - The parts must be boxed, banded, or shipped in a manner that will ensure that no damage will occur.

(QA-021) Digital Data Sets - When digital data is provided to the supplier as a manufacturing aid, Supplier’s Quality system shall assure that the configuration management and media security are handled in accordance with Boeing Document D6-51991 or equivalent.

(QA-022) Giddens Supplied Drawings and PCM’s - All drawings / PCM’s or other Engineering media provided to a supplier must be returned with the order upon completion.

(QA-023) Giddens Furnished Material - Heat lot traceability must be maintained by the supplier when the material is supplied by Giddens Industries, Inc. No heat lot substitution or co-mingling of heat lots is allowed unless written permission is granted by Giddens Industries, Inc.

Outside Vendor – Processing

(QA-024) Nadcap Approval - Suppliers must be Nadcap approved for all chemical processing, heat treating, welding, non-destructive testing and all other processes required by Giddens customers.

(QA-025) Giddens Customer’s Approved Processors - All Heat Treat, NDT, Welding and Coatings subcontracted by Giddens must be performed by a Giddens Customer Approved Processor. The supplier is responsible for verifying their approval status prior to any processing being performed.

(QA-026) ITAR Requirements - “In entering into any agreement with Giddens Industries, Inc., relating to the manufacture of defense articles or the provision of defense services, the Subcontractor (or Supplier) warrants to Giddens Industries that is has registered as a defense manufacturer with the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, as required by ITAR 122.1.”

(QA-027) Certifications - Processing certifications must reference all relevant process performed, specifications and revisions of the process completed.

(QA-028) Specifications - The Supplier must meet the requirements of specifications when they are referenced on drawings or on the purchase order. The applicable revision status of these specifications will be specified on the Giddens Industries Purchase Order. When required, the Supplier may obtain copies of pertinent specifications through Giddens Industries Purchasing Department.

Outside Vendor – Raw Material, Hardware, Components, Sealants

(QA-029) Cerifications - A Supplier Certificate of Conformance is required with each shipment to Giddens Industries, Inc. including the applicable heat lots and chemical and physical analysis / test reports. The C of C must state the material type, the material temper, and that the material meets the applicable specifications and revisions of the material specification procured by Giddens.

(QA-030) Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals - When a line item on a Giddens purchase order has the part number identified as XXX-DFARS the supplier agrees to comply with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement DFAR 252.225-7014 (Alt. I), Preference for Domestic Specialty metals when this clause is specified in the purchase order. Use of foreign specialty metals may only be made with the written authorization from Giddens Industries, Inc. Note: Country of melt must be identified on certification.

(QA-031) Giddens Customers Approved Manufacturers - All Suppliers of materials, hardware, components, sealants / adhesives, etc., where applicable, must be on the current approval listings of Giddens Customers. The supplier is responsible for verifying their approval status prior to the manufacture of these goods.

(QA-032) Shelf Life - The date of manufacture must be noted on each individual container and / or certification. Sealants / adhesives and adhesive tapes must have at least 80% of shelf life available upon receipt at Giddens or it will be returned to the supplier.